Wednesday, March 31, 2010

things related to the cherry blossom

At this time of year, things related to the cherry blossom are everywhere, such as foods, Japanese and western confectionery, dishes and popular songs.

haruranman(春爛漫、spring is in full swing)

a piece of haruranman and karumera(カルメラ)

a bun filled with cherry-colored bean paste including salted cherry leaves and topped with a salted cherry blossom bud.

「花見」 デザイン:戸上和子
"Hanami", designed by Kazuko Togami
Lantern and hanami-dango(花見団子:skewered dumplings for cherry-blossom viewing)
Even at night, there are many visitors at viewing spots, which are often illuminated with lanterns.

"Ohanami-chochin", designed by Kazuko Togami

Kazuko Togami, Kisetsu-wo-Tanoshimu-Washi-no-Etegami 220(Tokyo:Nihon Vogue-sha,1999, p.12,p.24.

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