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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gion Festival in 2014

Sorry for the late update. It's been a long time.

Summer vacation has started for most students. In Japan, a lot of fireworks and festivals take place in summer. Some bon dance festivals were held in my area this weekend and also last weekend.

fireworks & summer festivals(Japanese version only):

The Gion Festival(祇園祭) is being held in Kyoto from July 1 to the 31.

about Gion Festival:

 Yamaboko-junkophoto by 京都フリー写真素材

The festival's highlight is a  parade of 33 beautifully decorated floats named Yamaboko-junko or Yamahoko-junko(山鉾巡行).

Yamaboko-junko, Fune-hoko(船鉾)photo by 京都フリー写真素材

It is crowded again this year!

The parade takes place to ease crowding on July 17 and 24 this year. All of the floats had paraded in a day since 1966. Twenty-three floats paraded on the 17th, and 10 will do on the 24th.

photo by 
全33頁 祇園祭山鉾巡行写真集

The Ofune-boko(大舩鉾) float will return to the parade on the 24th after an almost 150-year absence this year. The float was burned by the Onin War in 1467, a big fire in 1788, and the rebellion at the Hamaguri Gate (蛤御門の変) in 1864. Other yamahoko floats were also damaged by fires and wars to some degree. Taka-yama(鷹山)and Hotei-yama(布袋山) floats can't return to the parade.

photo by 京都フリー写真素材
The floats are lit up with paper lanterns in the evening.
(23 floats on 14-16, 10 floats on 21-23)