Friday, March 5, 2010

confections for the Doll Festival

On the day of the Doll festival, the confection called Hicchigiri(引千切) was served in Imperial court. Hicchigiri means "tear off". These are ripped rice-flour dumplings mixed with mugwort.

seioubo is another name for peach. Although peach fruit is harvested in early summer, this confection is associated with the festival in peach blossom season.
Powdered oblate represents peach skin.

fu-kuume(福梅:Japanese apricot)
hana-momo(花桃:peach blossom)

a confection named Hanaguruma(花車)
There is another confection with the same name.

In ancient times hanaguruma (花車) was the same as goshoguruma (御所車:ox-drawn carriage). Hanakuruma-cho(花車町) in Kyoto is a town name named after the emperor's carriage.
Now hanaguruma means an ox-drawn cart laden with flowers.

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