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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Kanchu-mimai(winter greeting card)

 The period of mourning after the death of a parent lasts one year. So I didn't observe the New Year's festival and didn't send New Year's cards.

It's a custom for people in mourning period to send a mourning postcard at the end of the year. In general, receivers of the postcard don't send a New Year's card to the sender.

mourning postcard
"Since I am in mourning, I am not sending New Year cards this year"

Kanchu-mimai(寒中見舞い, a mid-winter greeting card) is mailed from Shokan(小寒, minor cold or moderate cold), the 23rd in 24 Solar Terms to the day before Risshun(立春, Spring commences), the first in the terms. Shokan is around January 5, and Risshun is around February 4.

Kanchu-mimai card

Usually we mail New Year's cards until January 7. The greeting card is used as a reply to a New Year's card after January 7. 

Kanchu-mimai card
a reply to a New Year's card

We also use the card as a substitute for New Year's cards in mourning period.

Kanchu-mimai card
a substitute for New Year's cards in mourning period

 For your information, Yokan-mimai(余寒見舞い) is mailed from Risshun to about the end of February in late winter.