Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Greenery Day

April 29th, the birthday of the Showa Emperor, was decided to be a national holiday called named "Midori no Hi(みどりの日:Greenery Day) after his death. However, this holiday moved to May 4th in 2007.

It was hot today. But this April was rainy and cold. It didn't look like April.
I haven't seen a butterfly yet in my yard.

蝶の小袋 作った人/田中みちよ
"drawstring pouch in the shape of butterfly" designed by Michiyo Tanaka

Shigeyoshi Inoue(ed), Yasashiku-Tsukureru-Densyou-no-Komonosyugei (Tokyo:Fujin seikatsu-sha,1994),P.34.

oboro-zuki(朧月:misty moon)
There is a confection named oboro-zuki.

大原や蝶の出て舞ふ朧月 (内藤丈草)
"At Ohara, a butterfly flits about in the misty moonlight",written by Naito Jousou(1622-1704)

Many people enjoyed digging clams at the beach during Golden Week holidays. Clams are in seasnon.

Today is the last day of spring according to the lunar calendar.
"butterfly", "misty moon" and "clam digging" are seasonal words of spring.

The season of fresh greenery has come.
Decade ago, cherry blossoms have not yet bloomed when I went into the hospital. A month later, I felt new green leaves were too bright on the way home from the hospital.

Shinryoku(新緑:fresh green)



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