Thursday, January 21, 2010

ume:the Japanese apricot

梅(ume:the Japanese apricot)

The Japanese apricot trees have only partially blossomed in the yard.

梅一輪 一輪ほどの あたたかさ (服部嵐雪「玄峯集」)
"Finding a blossom of the Japanese apricot, I feel slight warmth of spring approaching, its slightness is equivalent to one blossom of it",written by Ransetsu Hattori,"Genpou-syu"
Although it was "the coldest day in winter" yesterday, temperature stood at 19 degrees Celsius in Tokyo. it had been warm for these two or three days.

In ancient times the Japanese apricot blossom was considered to be symbolic of Japan.

福梅(fuku-ume: lucky Japanese apricot)

梅結び(ume-musubi: knot tied in the shape of Japanese apricot blossom)

A drawstring bag for tea utensil is often tied with this knot.

ねじ梅(neji-ume:a Japanese apricot with twisted petals)

These in the shape of a Japanese apricot blossom are formed in a mold for dry confectionery.

梅袋(ume-bukuro:a pouch in the shape of ume)

made based on:
Kazuo Kobayashi(ed),Saiji-wo-Kazaru-12kagetsu-no-osaikumono(Tokyo:Nihon Vogue-sha Co, Ltd.,2000)P.15

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