Monday, January 25, 2010

Ingredients of Japanese confectionery(1)

Japanese confectionery is made mostly from beans, rice, flour and sugar.The ingredients that made from seaweed and roots of plants play a role similar to gelatin.
Traditional confections are of plant origin, so they are rich in fiber.
In addition, we wash kitchen utensils in water without dish detergent.

 ●azuki beans(小豆):
   an(餡:red bean paste) is made from red adzuki beans, which are sold
in supermarkets. At specialty shops, they are available in a variety of types.

 ●white azuki beans(白小豆), some kinds of kidney beans(いんげん豆類):
shiro-an(白餡:white bean paste) is made from these. White azuki beans rate with the very best, so that they are expensive.
Tebo beans(手亡豆) and white kidney beans(白いんげん豆) are used mainly for white bean paste. I use tebo beans.
Although white kidney beans are sold in supermarkets, white azuki beans and
tebo beans can only be purchased at specialty shops.

Green and red peas are used.

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