Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Great Hanshin Awaji earthquake

阪神淡路大震災(Hanshin Awaji Daishinsai:The Great Hanshin Awaji earthquake)

The Great Hanshin Awaji earthquake occurred on January 17, 1995, at 05:46 JST in the southern part of Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.

A sister of my mother had lived with her family in Kobe. On the morning of that day, we heard about the earthquake on the news and made countless phone calls to her. However, we couldn't get through to her on the day. At that time her family lived in the old wooden house that was built before World War II. We prepared for the worst.

The next day Her son, who lived near her house, called a relative and said that the whole family was all right. After he confirmed their safety, went to the house of his friend in Osaka on foot for hours on end. He was finally able to make a call.

Although her house was partially destroyed in the earthquake, it could have collapsed at any time. That house was certified as a completely-destroyed house and it was torn down. The Members of her family were all right. But each of them lost old school classmates or acquaintances.

Fifteen years have passed since then. Even now, she has lived in a condo of Kobe.

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