Saturday, January 23, 2010

Confections including seasonal ingredients

冬景色(fuyu-geshiki:winter scenery)

sweetened some pieces of a lily bulb in steamed (sweetened) adzuki‐bean paste in bamboo sheath.
the demand for a lily bulb become high toward New Year's Day and it's expensive in December. So we can get a low price on it in January. Sometimes a yam sells for 100 yen.

枯露柿(koro-gaki:dried persimmon)

These are dried persimmons basted in adzuki‐bean paste.
Sales of dried persimmons start in mid-December and continues until the end of February.


Buns filled with sweet bean-jam and a kind of rice powder called karukan-ko. Its dough is made from Japanese yam. A feudal lord in the Satsuma Domain (now Kagoshima Prefecture) ordered a confectioner to make this confection.
Japanese yams are in season now. We enjoy yam's delicate flavor and moist texture. Now they are available all the year around because of preservation technique and even powdered yam are sold.

This is an another confection using Japanese yam.

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