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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sweet Osmanthus

Kinmokusei(金木犀 :Osmanthus fragrans or Sweet Osmanthus) is in full bloom.

It has subdued blossoms but has a strong fragrance. At this time of year, we can smell the blossoms everywhere. I noted the presence of the blossoms while I was out walking my dog at night. 

Teika-kazura(定家葛:Trachelospermum asiaticum) blossoms near my house also asserted their strong presence by scent. It comes into bloom in the middle of May.

Its name derives from the legend that Fujiwara no Teika(藤原定家, 1162-1241) couldn't get Shikishi Naishinnou (式子内親王 Princess Shikishi) out of his mind even after her death, and reincarnated Teika clung to her grave as Teika-kazura.

The blossom has five petals, but ceramic artist Kenkichi Tomimoto(富本憲吉,1886-1963)made a design of the blossom as a four-petal flower.

Kuchinashi(梔子、巵子、支子:Common gardenia, Gardenia jasminoides) is strongly scented in June and July.
The seed can be used as stock for making dye.  Food colorings I'm using originates from this seed.

photos :「季節の花 300」 (Japanese version only)

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