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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition

The 57th Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition(日本伝統工芸展) is being held at Mitsukoshi department store in Tokyo from September 22th to October 4th. Unfortunately,  the photographs on the exhibition's site are small, so you can't see their fine details.

The Exhibition will travel through such areas as Nagoya, Kyoto, Kanazawa, Sendai, Okayama, Matsue, Takamatsu, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Matsuyama, Osaka from October 6th to March 15th in 2011.

I took a silverwork class years ago, and the class teacher sends her work such as a silver flower vessel to the exhibition every year.
In Japan, "tradition" is living. Some said that a series of innovation make tradition. The exhibition requires the applicants to create sophisticated design based on high degree of professional skill in Japanese traditional techniques.

You can buy most of the winning works in the exhibition.  When I visited the exhibition years ago, red seals were put alongside the works to show they have already been spoken for.  However their prices were not indicated. The exhibition provides a huge opportunity to get a high-quality unique work.

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