when and where to see fall foliage (Japanese version only):

Sunday, October 24, 2010

autumn color of leaves

Autumnal colors of the leaves in Nikko are now at their peak. Since the average temperature for September was high, leaf colors in most areas change later than usual this year.  In Tokyo, the leaves will turn red in December this year.

Iroha-zaka slope in Nikko is famous for the beautiful colored leaves, but viewers suffer from major traffic jams. I've been there years ago.  Its colored leaves were very beautiful, but I got carsick due to the endless hairpin curves of Iroha-zaka slope.
Major viewing spots in Japan are crowded with people and their cars.

 The pictures at Iroha-zaka slope. Real colored leaves are more beautiful.

Momijigari(紅葉狩り:leaf peeping)

Momiji(紅葉:autumn leaves)

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