Monday, March 14, 2011

What is going to happen next?

Although most TV stations have been broadcasting news programs about the earthquake since the quake occurred, we still can't see the full spectrum of the earthquake damage.

Many aftershocks have followed and I often received warning e-mails.

I heard on the news that the 7.0-magnitude earthquake can occur with 70% of the time in afflicted areas within 3 days. Do I have to walk for three hours to return home again?

The situation about the safety of one of nuclear power plants is not good.

Power plants including thermal power plants and nuclear power plants in afflicted areas are not in operation and it is anticipated that there might be an electricity shortage in the Kanto area including Tokyo and Yokohama.

So all sections in Kanto area will be without electricity in sequence three hours a day starting tomorrow. Can I go to work?

What is going to happen next?  I'm feeling tremendous insecurity.

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