Tuesday, March 22, 2011

concerns about harmful rumors

Two periods of seven days with the middle day falling on the spring or autumn equinox are called Higan(彼岸), which means "the other shore" or Buddhahood.
We visit our family graves during Higan, but I have yet to do it because of the current transportation condition. I'm just wondering whether to do it or not.

The rescued elderly woman and her grandson were in the dining room on the second floor and their house with them was swept up by the tsunami.
They were trapped under the debris but were able to get some food from the refrigerator. Their family was searching for them but was not able to find a clue because their house was moved quite a distance. Their family said, "We feel sorry that only our family can feel happy."
More than 27,000 people are left dead or missing by the quake and tsunami.

Kanto Region includes Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture and some tsunami-hit prefectures such as Chiba and Ibaraki. Tohoku Region includes most of the afflicted areas such as Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima and Aomori prefectures.

It is a big problem that people buy up some kinds of goods such as gasoline, rice, toilet paper, milk products and water in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The government is calling on the people to halt buying up.

Oil was in limited supply in Kanto and Tohoku regions the because several oil factories in some areas shut down due to the earthquake. A large oil factory in Yokohama of Kanagawa Prefecture started operating again today.

Some food manufacturers have their production factories in the afflicted areas and the areas where the electricity supply was not restored.

Much water and dry-cell batteries were sent to the afflicted areas.

Many of the former earthquake victims encourage the current victims, and we can be future victims.

Cases of theft have been increasing in number in the afflicted areas because of supply shortage.

It's graduation season in Japan. Many school graduation ceremonies were held before and after the quake. Some elementary students were in the school when tsunami crashed ashore.
A representative of their parents said to their teachers in their graduation ceremony, "Thank you for protecting our children against the tsunami damage. We will protect and bring up them from now on."

It's criminal to think that whole of Japan is contaminated with radiation. Tohoku and Kanto regions have been influenced by the quake and tsunami, but most of them are safe from radioactive pollution.
Other regions including Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Kyushu area and Okinawa are completely safe from radioactive pollution.

WHO declared that there is no need to issue a travel warning for Japan and no need to measure radiation of travelers from Japan.
The International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO) also announced that they impose no restrictions on traveling to Japan.

Many residents in Fukushima Prefecture have fled to other prefectures. Quantity of radioactive material in some foods exceeded limit imposed by regulation and the government appointed Fukushima, Ibaraki, Tochigi and Gunma porefectures to stop shipments of them.

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