Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011 Kichirei Kaomise Kogyo

Kichirei Kaomise Kogyo(吉例顔見世興行, December Kabuki Program), which is an annual kabuki program with an all-star cast of east(Tokyo) and west(Osaka, Kyoto) including Sakata Tojuro IV(四代目 坂田藤十郎), Kataoka Gato(五代目 片岡 我當), Kataoka Nizaemon XV(十五代目 片岡仁左衛門), Bando Mitsugoro X(十代目 坂東 三津五郎), Onoe Kikugoro VII (七代目 尾上菊五郎) and Nakamura Kanjaku V(五代目 中村翫雀), is being held from November 30th to December 26th at Kyoto Minamiza Theatre.

Maneki at Kyoto Minamiza Theatre
photo by KYOTOdesign

Fifty-four signs called Maneki were put up above the theatre's entrance on the 25th. Maneki signs are hinoki cypress boards on which actors' names and their family crests are written in a Japanese lettering style, Kanteiryu(勘亭流). The style leaves less blank space in hopes of attracting a full house.

At last year's Kaomise Kogyo, Ichikawa Ebizo(市川海老蔵) created a huge fuss because of his serious injury in a fight. This year, he returned to the stage at a kabuki performance in July after probation. His wife gave birth to a baby girl on July 25th.

At Kichirei Kaomise Kogyo, Matinee (from 10:30 a.m.) includes the following performances.

1.Kotobuki Soga no taimen(寿曽我対面,The Encounter of the Soga Brothers and their Father's Killer) performed by Gato and others.
2.Oedo Miyage(お江戸みやげ, A Souvenir of Edo) performed by Mitsugoro and others.
3.Sumidagawa(隅田川, Sumida River) performed by Tojuro and others.
4.Yowa Nasake Ukina no Yokogushi(与話情浮名横櫛, Scarfaced Yosaburo) performed by Nizaemon and others.

Evening Show (from 4:15 p.m.) includes the following performances.

1.Sanmon Gosan no Kiri(楼門五三桐, Goemon and Hisayoshi) performed by Gato and others.
2.Sanemori Monogatari(実盛物語, The Tale of Sanemori) performed by Kikugoro and others.
3.Genroku Chushingura -Sengoku Yashiki(元禄忠臣蔵, The Judgment at the Mansion of Lord Sengoku) performed by Nizaemon and others.
4.Kisen(喜撰) performed by Mitsugoro and others.
5.Rakuda(らくだ) performed by Kanjaku and others.

You can see more information about the program on the "Kabuki Web" site from SHOCHIKU's web site.


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