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cherry blossoms (2)

Ono Sakuradutsumi Kairo(おの桜づつみ回廊)
in Hyogo Prefecture
photo by 神戸観光壁紙写真集

In Tokyo, the cherry blossom petals are fluttering down like snowflakes. We also enjoy its sight.

Cherry blossoms / Sakura / 花筏(はないかだ)
Cherry blossoms / Sakura / 花筏(はないかだ) 
by TANAKA Juuyoh (田中十洋) /flickr

Hanaikada(花筏) means the petals of cherry blossoms floating on the water. They are likened to rafts. Hanaikada literally means "flower raft."

 Japan Mint Osaka Branch
photo by The favorite world

Japan Mint Osaka Branch will hold "Cherry Blossom Viewing in Osaka" from April 17th to 23rd. Its Cherry Blossom Lane with 354 cherry trees of 129 different varieties is opened to the public during this period.
(one of 100 best cherry blossoms viewing points)

奥山田のしだれ桜 by aki.kajitani /flickr
 weeping cherry blossoms in Okuyamada
The weeping cherry blossoms in Okuyamada have fallen. According to legend, this tree was planted by Empress Jito(持統天皇, 645-702).

・Location: Okuyamada, Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture
・Age: about 1300
・Varieties of cherry trees: Edohigan(Cerasus spachiana forma ascendens)

横浜緋桜 by naitokz /flickr
Yokohama-hizakura(横浜緋桜, Cerasus × kanzakura ‘Yokohama-hizakura’)

A breeder who lived in Yokohama named this tree "Yokohama-hizakura".

Asai Ippon-zakura
Photo by

Asai Ippon-zakura(浅井の一本桜) is fully in bloom now.

・Location: Yamamoto, Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture
・Age: about 100
・Varieties of cherry trees: yamazakura(Cerasus jamasakura or Prunus serrulata)

Asai Ippon-zakura
Photo by

 Isshingyo Ozakura
Photo by


Isshingyo Ozakura(一心行の大桜) is fully in bloom now.

・Location: Minamiaso Village, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
・Age: about 100
・Varieties of cherry trees: yamazakura(Cerasus jamasakura or Prunus serrulata)

 Isshingyo Ozakura
Photo by

Kurume Castle Ruins
Photo by

The cherry blossom on Kurume Castle Ruins(久留米城跡) have fallen.

・Location: Sasayama Town, Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture
・Varieties of cherry trees: Yoshino cherry, yamazakura(Cerasus jamasakura or Prunus serrulata)

Hime-shidarezakura at Hosho-ji Temple
Photo by

The blossoms of Hime-shidarezakura at Hosho-ji Temple(宝珠寺) have fallen.

・Location: Kanzaki Town, Kanzaki City, Saga Prefecture
・Age: about 100
・Varieties of cherry trees: Hime-shidarezakura(a variety of weeping cherry)

Shimabara Castle
photo by 高画質壁紙写真集無料壁紙

The Yoshino cherry blossoms in Shimabara Castle, Nagasaki Prefecture have fallen.

The castle has been known as a spot to view cherry blossoms since the Edo Period.

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