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1-30 April Miyako Odori(Cherry Dance), Kyoto
Maiko and geiko dance performances
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The performances wil be done at Kyoto Art Theater “Shunjuza”( again this year.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Most schools has broken for the summer vacation today.

I couldn't sleep well because of sweltering night. Minimum temperature last night was 27 degrees centigrade.

A wind-bells bazaar was held at Kawasaki Daishi(川崎大師), whose formal name is Heikenji Temple(平間寺), from July 17tht to the 21st.

Japanese traditional wind bells include Nanbu Furin(南部風鈴) made of iron in Tohoku (north east area), Edo Furin(江戸風鈴) made of glass in Tokyo.
Myouchin Hibashi furin(明珍火箸風鈴) in Himeji consists of four iron chopsticks, and some musicians including Stevie Wonder used it in their performances.

風鈴 デザイン:戸上和子
"wind-bell" designed by Kazuko Togami

Kazuko Togami, Washi-de-Tsukuru-Etegami 220(,1999), p.16

風鈴 デザイン:こもりかつこ
"wind-bell" designed by Katsuko Komori

Katsuko Komori, Hokkori-Kawaii-Otona-no-Wakomono (,2009), p.21

Nanbu Furin(南部風鈴)

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