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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sumo Tournament closed

The July Grand Sumo Tournament closed today. During the tornament, new scandals came to light. The attendance at the tornament was dismal.
Hakuhou(白鵬), who is a yokozuna(highest-ranking sumo wrestler) from Mongolia, won his third consecutive tournament championship without a single defeat.
Japan's national sport falls on the shoulders of lone yokozuna Hakuhou.
He gave way to tears after winning the title.

"Half-hearted compromise disgraces the tradition ..." (the words of Jean-Louis Barrault by Yoshida Minosuke Ⅲ, Zukin-Kabutte-50nen)

Susumu Nomura(野村進) said that a series of innovation make tradition in his book, "Choju Kigyou wa Nihon ni Ari(長寿企業は日本にあり)".
In Japan, "tradition" is not a treasure to be preserved at a museum.
It seems to be living antiques like an old bonsai. Old bonsais are hard to please. Continuing to care for it over many generations increase its value, or it will die and have no value.

Only retired sumo wrestlers, as a member of The Japan Sumo Association, can manage everything necessary to sumo tornaments regardless of having management or leadership ability.

It's not easy to revive sumo.

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