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Friday, January 4, 2013

karuta competition and ceremony

Ceremony of the First Karuta Play of the New Year is held on January 3rd at Yasaka-jinja Shrine(八坂神社) in Kyoto and on January 13th at Omi Jingu Shrine.

The annual karuta competition to decide the male and female champions in Japan will be held at Omi Jingu Shrine(近江神宮) in Shiga Prefecture on January 5th.  From 10:30 a.m.(Japan time), the event will be broadcast live on the Net. (Japanese version only)
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The competition is called Kyogi Karuta and played by the rule established by All-Japan Karuta Association. Karuta is a Japanese card game, but Kyogi Karuta is a kind of sports. Karuta players take the card at lightning speed.

This competition uses one hundred waka poem cards based on Ogura Hyakunin-isshu which is a famous poetry anthology selected by Fujiwarano Teika in the Heian period.

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