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Saturday, May 7, 2011

wisteria and azalea

Wisterias(藤, fuji) and azaleas(躑躅, tsutsuji) are in full bloom.

Okanbara Azalea Garden(大桑原つつじ園, Okanbara Tsutsuji-en) in Fukushima Prefecture 

photo by 日本列島お国自慢

Nagaoka Tenmangu Shrine(長岡天満宮) in Kyoto 

Nishiyama Park(西山公園, Nishiyama Koen) in Fukui Prefecture 

Mount Ohira(大平山, Ohira-yama) in Okayama Prefecture

wild azaleas

Mount Yamato-katsuragi (大和葛城山, Yamato-katsuragi-san) in Nara Prefecture 

wild azaleas

Kasuga Taisha Shrine(春日大社) in Nara Prefecture 

Wake Wisteria Park(和気藤公園, Wake Fuji-koen) in Okayama Prefectur 

Byakugo-ji Temple(白毫寺) in Hyogo Prefecture 

Shirai-omachi Wisteria Park(白井大町藤公園, Shirai-omachi Fuji-koen) in Hyogo Prefecture 

photos by 高画質壁紙写真集無料壁紙

Wisteria Maiden(藤娘, Fuji Musume)

Wisteria Maiden is well known as a classical Japanese dance perfromance.
This is a confection called Makimono-gashi(蒔物菓子) that is handed to invited guests to Japanese dance or koto recital as a souvenir.


  1. Beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing!

  2. The flowers are truly amazing! One day I will have to go to Japan during the Spring. We have an old wisteria tree that we planted in our backyard perhaps 30 years ago. We enjoy its blossoms each spring.

  3. Thank you for your comments.

    Wisteria is a long-living tree. The wisteria at Kasuga Taisha Shrine is about 700 years old. An about 2000-year-old wisteria in Kyoto blooms in spring every year.