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Thursday, May 5, 2011

carp streamers

In the Edo Period, samurai families with boys flew their family banners and commoners with boys hoisted carp streamers.
Recently, a troop of streamers are put up in many areas. Lesser people hoist standard-sized carp streamers and many streamers have sat in closets for a long time.

A village in Kochi prefecture started to gather those streamers and hoist them over the Shimanto River (四万十川) which is referred to as "the last clear stream of Japan".

past Hamamatsu Festival

Kite-flying was done as an event to celebrate Tango no Sekku(now the Boys' Festival) in some areas during the Edo Period.
past Hamamatsu Festival
Large kites fly in Zama in Kanagawa Prefecture and kites compete against other towns' ones in Hamamatsu in Shizuoka Prefecture. A kite tries to bring down another kite by cutting its string by friction. Kites competition is held as Hamamatsu Festival every year, but the festival was cancelled this year.

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