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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One month has passed

One month has passed since the massive earthquake occurred on March 11th. According to the National Police Agency, 13,116 people lost their lives, 14,377 are still missing and 147,000 have been evacuated due to tsunami. However, the exact number of missing and dead is still unknown. The Japan Self-Defense Forces has been searching for missing persons.

A strong aftershock with a seismic intensity of a lower 6 occurred in Fukushima Prefecture on April 11th. The aftershock have generated several landslides and one of them caused one death, two missing and three critically injured.

Cherry flowers have started blooming in Fukushima. 
While some parts of the afflicted areas have begun reconstruction, some of them have been left behind. Main roads, mainline railroads and airports in the areas have been restored. In the areas, fishermen landed fishes at some fishing ports and they were handled at some fish markets.
However, very little has changed in some areas since the quake. Some people feel time stopped at the time of the earthquake.

Japan's 17th round of local-government elections are being conducted across the country on April 10th and 24th. These elections are held every four years to choose governors, mayors and local assembly members. They were not done on 10th in Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima, Ibaraki and Okinawa prefectures.
These elections were quiet. We are preoccupied with the earthquake. The result of the election announced on 10th. The ruling Democratic Party of Japan suffered a crushing defeat. No wonder.

The hay fever season due to cedar pollen is nearing an end. I can't live without allergy pills and disposable masks during the season! I will soon be able to go out without a mask. This winter was colder than usual, so cedar pollen started circulating in the air later than usual. I happened to start wearing a mask on March 11th.
A foreign TV reporter said, "In Tokyo, people are wearing masks to protect themselves against radioactivity!"

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