cherry blossom forecast: (Japanese version only) version only) (Japanese version only)  

when and where to see cherry blossoms (Japanese version only):

1-30 April Miyako Odori(Cherry Dance), Kyoto
Maiko and geiko dance performances
Advance tickets are available from overseas at:
The performances wil be done at Kyoto Art Theater “Shunjuza”( again this year.

seasonal flowers:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the first working day of the year

In Japan, January 4th is the first working day of the year for most public servants and companies.

The stock exchanges in Japan held the first session of the new year called daihakkai(大発会). Female employees wearing long-sleeved kimono ring the opening bell at Tokyo Stock Exchange every year. They are able to choose whether or not to wear kimono, so they spend their own money for dressing and hairdressing.

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