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Monday, January 17, 2011

the 16th anniversary of the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake

Sixteen years have passed since the Great Hanshin Awaji earthquake occurred on January 17.

A TV drama derived from the earthquake is now showing at some theaters in Japan.
The leading characters are a man and a woman who experienced the earthquake in their childhood. They walk through the town of Kobe.

His father who worked with housing-related materials made massive profits after the Hanshin Awaji Earthquake. However, he didn't feel like staying. He tells his stories.

After one of her friends was killed by the quake, the friend's father became mentally unbalanced. She couldn't bear to see him living in Kobe, but she takes the plunge and sees him.

Finally, they attend a memorial ceremony held in Kobe at 5:46 JST on January 17.

The two actors playing the lead in the drama actually experienced the earthquake.
The ceremony is held annually on January 17 at Higashi Yuenchi Park to mourn the victims and pass on stories of the disaster. This drama was shot at the park in the early morning of January 17th.
The town of Kobe also plays the leading part.

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