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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Last week, I had lunch at a Japanese restaurant that a former classmate at Japanese confectionery making class works for.

Sashimi(刺身:sliced raw fish), Sunomono(酢の物:food in sweetened vinegar), assorted foods and a soup.

Goma-dofu(胡麻豆腐) is mixed with ground-up sesame seeds, kudzu starch and water and is molded. It doesn't contain soybeans.

She served us a confection named Hatsushimo(初霜: the first frost of the season) on a Japanese cedar plate with a wooden fork and a bowl of matcha tea. She usually makes confections for lunch.

We have the first frost of the season in Tokyo around mid-December.


These confections represent leaves killed by frost. Japanese confectionery portrays even a dead leaf or earth.


  1. Kirei desu ne! Can you tell me what the exterior of the second Shimogare is made of - some type of an, perhaps?


  2. Thank you for your comment!
    Both of Shimogare are ball adzuki bean paste wrapped with nerikiri(練切り) in the shape of leaf.
    The first Shimogare is also nerikiri containing aduzki bean paste.
    Nerikiri contains gyuhi(求肥) as a thickener for white(or adzuki) bean paste. Gyuhi is made by kneeding a mixture of rice powder, sugar and water on heating.