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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

after bon festival

Temperatures reached over 37 degrees Celsius in Tokyo.

I put a special altar, things placed on it and Bon Festival lanterns back in order. I had soumen offered at the altar with my family for lunch.

In early summer, I've walked along a path named amanobe no Michi(山の辺の道) which is an ancient route connecting the foots of some mountains in Nara Prefecture. I ate Miwa Soumen(三輪素麺) at Chogaku-ji temple(長岳寺) along the path. Miwa soumen(Japanese vermicelli made in Miwa area) are thin, but it has body. It was topped with green maple leaves for decoration to give visitors a sensation of coldness.
It was hot and I was tired, so I very much enjoyed the cold vermicelli. It's probably one of the best-tasting somen I've ever had.

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