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Friday, May 28, 2010

unripe ume and loquat

Unripe ume(Japanese apricots) and loquats are currently on the market.
Umeshu(ume liquor) is made from unripe ume, rock candy and distilled spirits called white liquor.
Unripe ume stewed in sugar are also used for these confections.

Meanwhile, ripe ume are used to make pickled ume called umeboshi(梅干し).

confection in the shape of unripe ume
confection in the shape of loquat(or Japanese medlar)
confection in the shape of a bamboo leaf


  1. Dear Ichinen,
    do you have a recipe how to make noshi-ume? In my chado book it says, it's made from kuzu starch, but for me it looks more like kanten.
    Which of your wagashi are made by yourself, which bought? I can't really tell...
    Thank you

  2. I'm taking a class in Japanese sweets making. So I made most of the posted confections in my blog. About marketed confections, I post the name of the shops.

    I did some research on noshi-ume.
    It is a traditional confection in Yamagata Prefecture and contains kanten. In the old days there was also noshi-ume using kudzu starch, but it became unpopular because of spoiling rapidly.

    Noshi-ume is also served in tea-ceremony dishes. As far as I consulted, I'm not able to find noshi-ume using kudzu starch.