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1-30 April Miyako Odori(Cherry Dance), Kyoto
Maiko and geiko dance performances
Advance tickets are available from overseas at:
The performances wil be done at Kyoto Art Theater “Shunjuza”( again this year.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

kodemari (reeves spirea)

Kodemari(小手毬: reeves spirea or Spiraea cantoniensis):
Kodemari, which means a litte ball, is still in bloom. Cut kodemari blossoms are sold.

These are traditional Japanese thread balls called temari(手毬).
while singing, girls bounced balls in the past.
These balls come in kit form and differ from traditional thread balls in materials.

Traditional thread balls are made by rolling them into a ball while looping threads around a plastic bag stuffed with rice husks, drawing an equatorial line and some meridian lines with threads like a globe and looping threads around the lines.

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