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Sunday, February 21, 2010

confections with Japanese citrus fruits

I attended a class in Japanese sweets making this morning.

mandarin(マンダリン) :
Kanten jelly including mikan juice was poured into hollowed out mikan (温州蜜柑:Satsuma mandarin).

mikan (Satsuma mandarin) is becoming out of season. In Japanese citrus fruits, Iyokan (伊予柑) is in season. Dekopon (デコポン) is also in season and it became popular rapidly.

hassaku-kan(八朔羹) :
Hassaku(八朔) is bigger than mikan and come into season soon.
Kanten jelly including hassaku juice was poured into hollowed out hassaku (温州蜜柑:Satsuma mandarin). Kanten(寒天:Japan agar) like jelly solidify at room temperature and is tougher than jelly, so we can cut hassaku-kan with a knife. Hassaku skin is thicker than mikan

iyokan (伊予柑)、mikan (蜜柑)、dekopon (デコポン)

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