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Monday, December 23, 2013

capybaras taking yuzu-bath

In Japan, there is a traditional custom to take a yuzuyu (yuzu citron bath), eat pumpkins and adzuki-gayu (rice gruel with adzuki beans) to prevent catching cold on the winter solstice.

Some aquariums prepare yuzu-bath for capybaras. They spend a lot of time wallowing in hot water. Capybaras are popular because they have a relaxed air.

 Izu Cactus Park (Izu Shaboten Koen), Shizuoka Prefecture

カピバラ温泉 by yto /flickr

Saitama Children's Zoo, Saitama Prefecture

They enjoy utaseyu (stream of water cascading onto one's back).

カピバラ by kkctys /flickr
Saitama Children's Zoo

カピバラ by kkctys /flickr

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