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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hina Matsuri

March 3rd is the Japanese Doll Festival for girls called Hina Matsuri.

On the top shelf are emperor and empress.
On the second shelf are three female attendants.
On the third shelf are five musicians.
On the fouth shelf are two ministers.
On the fifth shelf are attendants holding shoes, a shrouded parasol and hat.

Hina Gashi(雛菓子)

  • empress with a folded fan in her hands
  • paper lantern
  • emperor with shaku(笏)in his hand
Shaku is a wooden flat ritual scepter.

  • fruited tachibana(scientific name:Citrus tachibana)
  • diamond-shaped ricecakes called hishimochi(菱餅)
  • cherry
The green layer of hishimochi contains mugwort.

All of them are nerikiri.

Hina Arare(雛あられ)

puffed and sugarcoated rice, soy beans.

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